At Most Visual, we make impactful web videos, large-scale video installations and fascinating mini-documentaries that help agencies, brands, organizations, foundations, and event organizers move their audience to action.  At our core, we are visual storytellers.

Our team specializes in one-of-a-kind installations and experiential videos that resonate with viewers long after they press play.

Our goal:  To take video off the flat surface of the wall and into something immersive that you don’t watch, but experience.


Founder and Director of Photography Chuck Przybyl approaches everyday scenes and settings with a contemporary industrial sensibility, exhibiting an attention to texture, framing, and detail that draws viewers into the message.


Creative Director Edyta Stepien draws on a foundation in the arts to create a vision for projects that can’t be found in any other Chicago video production house. Her  grasp of experiential design gives the work of Most Visual an aesthetic that absorbs viewers.


Chuck and Edyta’s vision can be seen in the high-profile, much-lauded remodel of the Marriott Renaissance Chicago Hotel 2015. Their fingerprints can also be found  on dozens of projects for organizations and brands such as:  Princeton University, Chicago Architecture Foundation, Chicago History Museum, The MacArthur Foundation, Gatorade, EA Sports, Colorado Technical University, City Colleges of Chicago, Bleacher Report, COMBOS, and many others.



But What About the Name?


Most Visual was born in 2014 when Chuck Przybyl decided it was time to form his own production company after years of lending his directing, photography, and editing skills to projects for other agencies. Enlisting his wife, Edyta Stepien, as Creative Director, the couple had a direction, but the next challenge was finding a name.


That would come out of a casual conversation that went something like this:


Chuck: “What time is it?”

Edyta: “I’m guessing 11:10.”


Chuck: “Wow close – 11:11.”

Edyta: “See you always know where you are and I always know what time it is.”

(Chuck has an uncanny knack for direction – some sort of internal supercompass.)


Chuck: “You’re like the Master of Time.”

Edyta: “And you’re like the Master of Direction”

Chuck: “No, we’re the Masters of Space and Time. I love it.”


Masters of Space and Time seemed to be an amazing name to create timeline based projects under, but it was the acronym M.O.S.T. which seemed to make even more sense. To do the best, to give it your all, create without abandon, it seemed like a great idea.


But just Most? Most — what… Most Video (no way) Most Creative (uh-oh) Most Studio (acreage?) Most Media (storage?)


Most Visual. Simple. To the point. Quality is built into the name. High standards to uphold. High expectations to meet.


But it is also about having the vision to create the next generation of media. Pushing the boundaries of the senses and challenging viewers.


A bold name needs bold vision. A film production company that only wants to create the best projects for the best clients and, of course, for ourselves.


Honest and to the point. Most Visual.


• You can view Chuck Przybyl’s work as Director of Photography here •

• Edyta Stepien has her motion design work here •

• Edyta Stepien’s video and installation art work is found here

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