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Calumet Films is a short documentary film series about people trying to make a difference in the natural and industrial areas across the areas on the south shore of Lake Michigan.

The Calumet Region on Chicago’s greater southeastern border has a history as both a home of massive industry and diverse natural environments. It is still considered one of the most diverse areas in the country boasting prairies, marshes, hard wood forests, savannas, dunes, rivers and other wetlands, not to mention the entire southern coast of Lake Michigan. Calumet Films is a web series that will highlight the diverse ecological and cultural environments of the area as well as the continued hard work of concerned people to ensure the future preservation of these last green spaces.
This is the area that I grew up in. My great-grandfather, grandfather and father all worked in the steel mills. Now, as a documentary filmmaker, I have been revisiting these areas to tell new stories.
Stories of kayakers on the Little Calumet River who clean up and give paddling lessons. Stories of land spared from development that are now being opened to the public. Stories of generations of immigrants who have lived with both industry and diverse wilderness literally in their backyards.
This series is about the present. This series will show that people are still working everyday to make it a better place and enjoying what the area offers. The Calumet Region is a place where people are living with a new 21st century balance of industry and nature. We’ll show how they can both coexist for the betterment of everyone.
– Chuck Przybyl, Director
Episode 01 - Little Calumet River Cleanup

Episode 02 - Chellberg Farm

Episode 03 - Indian Creek Slag Contamination