Keep It Interesting

Keep It Interesting. Good Advice. I overheard this at a panel discussion recently. At first I thought it was laughable. “Keep it interesting” – easier said than done. It didn’t help that “interesting” is something say, in response, when I have no comment.

Like – “How’s your wrap?”
– “Interesting.”

But the more I thought about it, the more it resonated. “Interesting” to me actually means, “outside of the expected enough to be pondered.” So why do we push the limits? Perhaps to keep it interesting for ourselves in the end. That’s really what makes it interesting for others too.

What has merit anymore is the bigger question. I feel like we’ve seen it all. The greatest reflection of that is the current outrageous style trends in marketing and media. We’ve gone beyond pondering and into WTF territory.

But again – do we make these things to inform and engage? To delight and entertain? Or to make something that actually goes beyond “interesting” enough to get noticed? And should being noticed be such a concern when no one has time to pay attention? Bigger questions that are beyond me — but something interesting to think about.

In spring of 2016 I had the chance to pursue on of my dream projects: Most Visual went behind the scenes at Stern Pinball for 12 for 12. From the license to the design, we looked at the process and then experienced the fun first hand. We can literally say we went inside the game. Not too difficult to find something “interesting” there.

Keep in my that – in the end – its our interests that guide our paths.

Chuck Przybyl

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