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Artpentry – Episode 2

In this episode of 12 For 12 , Adam spends time some quality time at Artpentry with Floyd A. Davis to find out what makes his company do successful.

The planet has gotten a whole lot smaller and, in many ways, now fits in the palm of our hands. The growth and adoption of new and emerging technology has given rise to a world that can simultaneously and seamlessly be both real and virtual, physical and digital, local and global. We’ve come a long way from our past—from post to telephone, email to mobile, to the “dot-next” of anything. In today’s world we can communicate and share our experiences instantaneously across more channels than ever before.

But even in this digital age, we are still human. We still live and die, feel and think, and relate our experiences while trying to understand how other people live, near and far. Technology is like the carpenter’s tool that spans this length. But art, passion, knowledge…these truths compel us to cross the bridge and share our humanity with every corner of the globe. And when art and carpentry combine, Artpentry is made.