Renaissance Hotel Video Facade

Most Visual partnered with Gettys Group design team to create a 25 minute permanent video installation on the facade of the Renaissance Hotel in Chicago. The hotel, located at the southwest corner of State St. and Wacker Dr. has undergone a massive and cutting edge renovation over the past year.

The theme of the new video wall was to explore different aspects of the hotel’s neighborhood – highlighting the theater district and nightlife, and showcasing the many sides of this vibrant area.

The overarching narrative starts from particle visualization as the city is built up from elements. The downtown area is entered through a moving 3D camera POV. There is a vibrant constant movement that showcases the architecture in the immediate vicinity of the hotel. The elements solidify and familiar slices of downtown appear, the river walk area and the theater district are hinted at and ultimately fused into the experience of exploring the city.

Performance is one of the five videos making up the entire video content. It features the talent and skill or dancers Nadine Lollino and Isabelle Collazo and has been presented here with the custom created sound design of Bob Garrett.

The cinematic side of the city at night. Most Visual captured the essence of the neighborhood at night and took it to heart with an eye for the unusual.

The project was handled in part like a large scale conceptual art piece with cues and themes all realized by a solid team of creatives working together to create a cohesive 25 minute visual experience. The final video installation is a reminder that captivating video art and imagery can truly move people in positive ways in the public space.

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