Box of Sound to Screen at CIMMfest

The Box of Sound page is here.

The Box of Sound screening was a great success, packed house and a perfect pairing – playing with I Dream of Wires. Thanks to all those that came out.  This site will eventually contain a multimedia Box of Sound experience. Check back for updates.

I’m very excited to announce that Box of Sound – our short documentary will be screened at Chicago’s CIMMfest on May 2nd. It opens the for the long-awaited documentary “I Dream of Wires”. Our crew will be in attendance.

This short documentary weaves process, story and sound experimentation into a visceral cinema experience. Box of Sound – documents the process of making a cigar box into a synthesizer by Antoine Kattar: circuit bender, musician, and audio hardware engineer. The box is expertly put to use by Chicago electronic music producer Searchl1te, to create a truly unique song. Searchl1te is also shadowed as he gathers field recordings, breaking glass to create a snare and banging train cars for use as a bass drum.
The transformation of the cigar box into an analog audio instrument and the song created with it, has all been meticulously documented, in every glorious detail, by director and cinematographer Chuck Przybyl and producer Mark Salach. They went into this project with the stated goal of making the visual as interesting as the audio, or more so – when possible. Every scene in this documentary has been meticulously captured and every image distilled to its essence. It is a glimpse into the world of circuit bending and proof that anything can be used as an instrument to create music.

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