upSTREAM Video Installation Sample

Here are some selections from Edyta Stepien and Chuck Przybyl’s 25 minute immersive video installation “upSTREAM”. The sometimes playful and fractured imagery works around the theme of information stimulation. Instead of commenting outright – the two artists push the focus to an almost molecular level showing the raw elements of light and movement. From the point of luminescence, they have mined the core elements of our data driven culture. The video goes upSTREAM to identify the source of our insatiable appetite for light.
upSTREAM premiered April 17th 2015 at Chicago Art Department as part of the LakeFX and CIMMfest showcase Synergies.
The format was a 6 projection immersive visual space that doubled as a performance environment for Modern Tapes recording artist Cellule34 and Froe Char.

Here is the documentation of Cellule34’s performance – shot by Chicago Art Department’s Nat Soti


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